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"Twin Families - Victims of September 11th"

Families with Twin or Triplet Children that lost a parent:

  • Jennifer & Michelle Reed (Michelle died, she was 25) worked for AON
  • Cheri Sporacia, a mom of 2 year old twins, lost her husband Tom, who worked for Eurobrokers.
  • Gail Regan has 2.5 year old boy/ girl twins. Her husband Tom worked for AON on the 105th Floor.
  • Janine Snyder lost her husband Leonard while working for AON on the 101st floor, they have 2.5 yr old fraternal twin boys and a 3.5 yr old daughter.
  • Melissa Pullis lost her husband Edward while also working for AON, they have 7 yr old twins and a 19 month old daughter (Melissa's birthday was September 11th).
  • Vivi Demas lost her husband who worked for AON and they have 8 yr old twins.
  • Thomas Burnette, 38, PA plane crash, was the father of five year old twin girls, Halley & Madison and a four year old daughter
  • Todd Reuben, 40, Potomac, MD, Father of twin sons,Jeffrey & Jason
  • Donald Gavagan, Jr., 35, Cantor Fitzgerald, Father of 2-year-old Twins, Lara and Donald, and a son, Connor, born Oct. 23
  • Juan Gomez, 45, Windows on the World, Father of 13-year-old Twin Daughters, Joanna and Joanne
  • Tim Grazioso, 43, Cantor Fitzgerald, Father of TwinDaughters, Lauren and Briana
  • Mary Herencia, 47, Aon, Mother of Twin Boys
  • Monty Hord, 46, Cantor-Fitzgerald, Father of 5-Year-Old Twins, Sophie & Jackson
  • Alan Merdinger, 49, Cantor-Fitzgerald,Father of 20-Year-Old Twins, Melissa and Mark
  • Steven Russin, 32, Cantor-Fitzgerald, Father of Twins,Olivia and Ariella, born on Sept. 15
  • Jeff Simpson (above), 38, Father of six-year-old triplets Max, Elaina and Leeann
  • Leon Smith, Jr., 48, NYC Fireman, Father of Twin daughters, Tiffany and Yolanda
  • Mark Whitford, 31, NYC Firefighter, Father to 13-month-old Twins, Timothy and Matthew
  • Una McHugh lost her heroic NYC Firefighter husband, he was the Father of three small children including twins

Twins who passed away on September 11th:

  • John D'Allara, NYPD ESU Truck 2 lost his life - Daniel is his twin, he is suvived by his wife carol and two sons
  • Leonard Catrianno - His twin sister Leigh Macadlo
  • Charles Heeran - His twin brother sean - Cantor Fitzgerald- 23 yrs old
  • Jeffrey D. Bittner , 27 yrs old, employed by Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, twin sister Pamela
  • Claribel Hernandez - her twin sisters name is Maribel Topaltzas
  • Kevin Bowser, 45, -Marsh & McClennan - twin brother Kelvin
  • Mark Barvis - 31, of West Newton, Mass. - flight 175 en route to LA. A scout for the Los Angeles Kings professional hockey team, was aboard United Flight 175. Barvis attended Boston University, where his twin brother, Michael, is an assistant coach for the school's hockey team.
  • Chris Scudder - twin sister Adrian, Eurobrokers- 84th floor
  • Scott Powell - was a contractor working in the Pentagon who died when the hijacked plane hit the U.S. Defense building. He was the twin brother to Art Powell
  • Nigel Thompson, 33 a trader with Cantor Fitzgerald. Originally from Sheffield England. Twin to Neil whom he was talking to when the plane hit.
  • Elaine Cillo, 40, a VP at Marsh Technology and Information Services worked on the 97th floor of the north tower. She leaves her twin sister, Lynn Cillo-Capaldo.
  • Two Australian twins perished in each of New York's twin towers when terrorists struck. Andrew Knox, 29, from Adelaide was in the North Tower when the first plane hit. his twin Stuart, a school teacher from outback town of Oodnadatta,SA. Peter Gyulavary, 44 was in the south tower when the second plane smashed into it. He leaves behind his twin brother Paul who lives in Victoria, Australia.
  • Andre Fletcher ,Fraternal twin to Zachary 37-year-old-Twin NYC firefighters, Both rushed to help put out the massive fires at the Twin Towers.Andre, who reached the buildings first, is missing His twin brother, Zachary was about a block away from the buildings when the second tower fell. Andre Fletcher worked for Rescue 5 in Staten Island. That special unit which responds to the city's most serious emergencies. Zack Fletcher was off-duty at the time of the fire but went to the World Trade Center on his own to try to aid his twin brother and his fire station, Engine 4, Ladder Company 5 from lower Manhattan. To honor his twin, Zach has decided he wants to join Rescue 5. He plans on taking his twin brother's place in the Rescue Unit, even asking for his brother's former locker and bed.
  • John Burnside, 36, NYC Firefighter, Twin brother of Robert
  • Peter Gyulavary, 44, Washington Group Intl., Twin brother of Paul
  • Stephen Hoffman, 36, Cantor Fitzgerald, Twin brother of Gregory
  • Father Mychal Judge, 68, NYC Fire Chaplain, Twin brother of Dympna Jessich
  • Karen J. Klitzman, 38, Cantor-Fitzgerald, Twin sister of Donna
  • Andrew Knox, 29, Unique Infrastructure Group, Twin brother of Stuart
  • Richard Palazzolo, 39, Cantor-Fitzgerald, Twin brother to Ronald Harry Raines,
  • Nigel Thompson, 33, Cantor-Fitzgerald, Twin brother of Neil
  • Kevin Frawley, 34, Eurobrokers, Twin brother to Margaret

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