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Twins Festival in Poland

This year on Aug10th and 11th, 2001 marked the fifth anniversary of the twins festival in Poland. This annual event is held in a beautiful city called Szczecin, located 2 hours outside of Berlin Germany in Poland . There were approximately 500 sets of multiples that attended from all over Poland and the numbers are increasing every year. They had many triplets and quadruplets that attended as well. Dr.Louis and Donald Keith (the Directors for the Study of Multiple births) were the first Americans to have attended this amazing event. This year Debbie Ganz and I (Lisa Ganz ) make the second pair of Americans to have attended and hopefully with your help we can help increase these numbers and promote this festival worldwide. Not only did we have the opportunity to meet many more sets of amazing twins , reaffirm our knowledge that twins are twins all over the world but we also had the opportunity to learn about an amazing country and participate in a culturally awe inspiring experience. If you have never been to Poland, this event would make a great excuse and along the way you will make lifetime twin friends as well. Hosted by Marek Sztark(who has twins), this spirited man has dedicated a large portion of his time to making this event a success. Throughout the course of the weekend, there is a twin barbecue, twin bonfire, twin talent contest , group photos, research opportunities, photo opportunities, projects for children, twin bonding and much more.


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