Chances are you've seen us on some talk show talking about twins, or maybe you're interesting in finding out more about some celebrity twins like the Sprouse twins on the first page of our web site.

Recently, we were on the Maury Povich Show which had a really fun show on twins and other multiples. The show featured the tallest identical twins in the world -- Michael and James Lanier of Troy, MI (they're each 7'4") -- and the world's shortest living twins -- John and Greg Rice of West Palm Beach, FL, who both measure 34 inches. Also on the show were supermodels Keith and Derek Brewer and the Dahm Triplets, the first triplets ever to appear in Playboy Magazine.

The Lanier Twins & The Rice Twins The Brewer Twins & The Ganz Twins
The Dahm Triplets

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